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29.07.2012 Jocelyne --- 0 comments

Wooden Spoons and a Glass of Wine

This book is a collection of some articles I wrote for the press since 1990.

It is a valve ...
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13.09.2011 Jocelyne --- 0 comments

Footprints on the sea (part 6) - Philippines, Bali, South Africa, going home

The Philippines were a blur of filth and dismal poverty. Nothing distracted from the ...
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22.05.2011 Jocelyne --- 0 comments

Footprints on the sea - Part 2 - Egypt - Petra - Dubai

We were always told, at school, by the ever notoriously lying history books and by teachers who ...
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11.05.2011 Jocelyne --- 0 comments

Footprints on the sea (Part 1): Lisbon - Tripoli

By Jocelyne

“Partir c´est mourir un peu...” To depart is to die a little... I cannot ...
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18.04.2010 gr --- 0 comments

A day in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat is the capital of Morocco. It has more than 1.6 million inhabitants and is the seat of the ...
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03.04.2010 Jocelyne --- 0 comments

The Market Place

The human tsunami was carrying us in a surf of flesh. Tourists who had forgotten their deodorants ...
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